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Prana Yoga Center is a well-established studio offering a variety of classes for those seeking greater health, ease and vitality.


A therapeutic and soothing approach to the yoga practice. Meditative, with a focus on utilizing various breathing techniques, the practitioner learns to gently open the body. Learn more


This therapeutic class is tailored for those who would like to slow down, de-stress, and heal whether it be from an illness or injury, or simply from the stresses of daily life. Learn more


Beginner yoga is suitable for both the first time student and any student interested in becoming further rooted in the basics of yoga. Learn more


Open level class are suitable for everyone, although they will not have as extensive instructions for the first time beginner student. Many classes offer more advanced options (as well as arm balances and inversions) for the more experienced practitioner as well as modifications for those who are newer students or are recovering from injury. Learn more


Intermediate classes are for yoga students who have a well established practice, have some experience with inversions and have a familiarity with the Sanskrit names of the postures. Although there will be alignment instructions, the intermediate classes will not have as extensive basic instructions as a foundation of the practice will be assumed. Learn more


Pilates workouts focus first on developing strength through the core of the body–the back, abdomen and hips. This provides a foundation to continue working the rest of the body. Previous experience not required. All levels welcome. Learn more

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Prana Yoga Class Schedule


  • Intro to Inversions Oct. 11, 18, 25 and Nov. 1 at 7:30-9pm

    Introduction to Inversions with Christy Linson.

    Are you new to inversions or wanting to refine your skills? In this 4 week workshop, we will prepare for and workshop the four main inversions: Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana), Headstand (Sirsasana), Forearm Balance (Pinca Mayurasana), and Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana). Online Registration Closed.

    Please contact Prana Yoga Center for details.

  • Master Class Sunday, Oct 22nd, 12:30-3pm

    Master Class with Phillip Askew

    $55/At the Door

    “We’ll go as far as we can go together with steady movement, to create an arc, a crescendo. Rhythmic, technique oriented, and inspiring.”

    Learn More

  • FREE Hypnosis Workshop & Info Session Oct. 27th, 6:30-7:30pm

    Hypnosis Workshop with Jeff BrandlerFREE Hypnosis Workshop & Info Session with Jeff Brandler

    In this 1 hour demonstration you will have the opportunity to experience hypnosis and see how hypnosis can work for you. Some benefits include: stress reduction, relief from anxiety, peaceful sleep, peace of mind, and greater focus.

    Learn More

  • Aligned Flow® 2018 Teacher Training Info Session Nov. 3rd, 6-8pm

    Teacher Training Info Session with Christy Linson

    FREE 90 minute yoga class followed by Q&A. Whether you are looking to teach, deepen your personal practice, or complement what you already know, this info session is the first stepping stone! Please RSVP to let us know you will be joining us!  The next Aligned Flow® 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will begin January 2018.

    Learn More

  • Backbends, Stability & Space Nov. 11th, 1-4pm

    Backbends, Stability & Space with Chrissy Carter

    Early Bird $60
    At the Door $65

    Backbends require flexibility where most of us are tight and stability where most of us are weak. This workshop is designed to help you identify patterns of compensation in your backhanding practice, giving you the knowledge and support you need to move through obstacles instead of around them. Through innovative prop work, careful sequencing, and thoughtful partner exercises, you will build the strength to move into backbends with more intelligence and ease.

    Learn More

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