Nancy Cook


Nancy has been active in the fitness industry for almost 25 years. She teaches many different types of fitness classes including aerobics, step, toning, yoga, Pilates, children’s classes and classes for seniors. In addition to teaching, Nancy conducts private training sessions for several local clients. Nancy has vast management experience in the industry having owned and operated a women’s fitness studio for eight years. Nancy loves learning and attends training workshops and teacher training regularly. She has earned several certifications throughout the years including two fitness certifications from The Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, three certifications (fitness, personal training and nutrition) from the American Council on Exercise, Pilates certifications from Balanced Body Pilates, Power Pilates and Powerhouse Pilates and several yoga certifications from YogaFit. Nancy is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher as well. She also graduated from Seton Hall University School of Business, earning an MBA in Finance and Computer Science. Nancy hopes to motivate her students to develop habits that encourage them to maintain healthy lifestyles.

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