Becky Lucas

Becky has been certified by the American Council on Exercise since 1986.  After many years of teaching sculpting, step classes and kickboxing classes, she began seeking a new direction for her body and mind.  After attending a few yoga classes in 2000, Becky knew she had found her spiritual path. Becky received a 200 hour yoga certification in 2003 and has been teaching yoga since.  Although Becky stays active in the fitness industry, she receives gratification and takes great pleasure in teaching her Vinyasa style yoga classes.

Becky continues to expand her knowledge by attending workshops, extensive reading and commitment to her own practice.  Yoga has brought peace and harmony to Becky’s life and helps her remain calm and grounded on a daily basis in her challenging job as the Director of Clinical Services at a private infectious disease practice. Becky received her bachelor of science in nursing in April 2012is anticipated to receive her masters of science in nursing in 2015.

Christy Naida Linson

Christy Naida Linson is an E-RYT 500 and a licensed massage therapist (LMT). She began practicing yoga in 1999 while attending massage school in Maui, HI. Her love for yoga and beautiful places led her to study contemplative and somatic (mind-body) psychology and yoga at Naropa University in Boulder, CO.  She completed both her 200 hour (2007) and 300 hour (2009) yoga teacher trainings with YogaWorks in NYC as well as 100 hours with Maty Ezraty. She continues to study with a combination of teachers who straighten her out but also remind her to set herself free. This is where the heart of Aligned Flow® lies.

She is blessed to be the owner of Prana Yoga Center, direct the Aligned Flow® 200 hour teacher training program, lead retreats in beautiful places, and to offer deep tissue mobility treatments, therapeutic and Thai massage to athletes including working with the NY Jets for 7 years. She is a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) yoga and paddle instructor and owner of the Aligned Flow® Floating Studio.

Linda Mangan

Linda began her teaching mentorship in New York City at Integral Yoga in 1998, and continued teaching at the Institute for the next 10 years while pursuing her studies of yoga asana and philosophy.  She is certified to teach hatha levels I, II, III, Prenatal, and Stress Management, and has been practicing and teaching yoga now for over 20 years.

Linda’s classes are fun and playful with easy-to-follow instructions, comfortable for the beginner with advanced options offered for the experienced practitioner.  Classes follow gentle and therapeutic asana sequencing with focus on proper alignment, breath and deep relaxation.  Linda believes that for many people, the most profound and beneficial portion of the class is Savasana, the resting pose at the end, which allows the body to relax, the mind to calm down, inviting us to experience the peace that resides within.

Nancy Cook

Nancy has been active in the fitness industry for almost 25 years. She teaches many different types of fitness classes including aerobics, step, toning, yoga, Pilates, children’s classes and classes for seniors. In addition to teaching, Nancy conducts private training sessions for several local clients. Nancy has vast management experience in the industry having owned and operated a women’s fitness studio for eight years. Nancy loves learning and attends training workshops and teacher training regularly. She has earned several certifications throughout the years including two fitness certifications from The Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, three certifications (fitness, personal training and nutrition) from the American Council on Exercise, Pilates certifications from Balanced Body Pilates, Power Pilates and Powerhouse Pilates and several yoga certifications from YogaFit. Nancy is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher as well. She also graduated from Seton Hall University School of Business, earning an MBA in Finance and Computer Science. Nancy hopes to motivate her students to develop habits that encourage them to maintain healthy lifestyles

Tom Casal

Tom has practicing yoga since 1998. Like a lot of people multiple injuries lead him to asana practice. He began practicing Mysore Ashtanga with Raji and friends by 1999 in 2001 his asana practice shifted to Anusara for a number of years. In 2001 he also met his primary teacher Professor Douglas Renfrew Brooks whom he has studied yoga and tantra with ever since. Tom tries to sequence classes so all levels of students are challenged… everyone’s foundation is made strong with a pretty standard sequence of standing poses. Participants will bend in every direction, possibly go upside down, and maybe play on their arms. All poses are an invitation not an obligation.  Poses are taught with anatomical alignment instructions step by step so people can pause at their boundary.

Tisha Hennen

After several years in the financial industry in New York City, Tisha found yoga as a means of finding calm and relieving stress in her challenging work life.  When she realized that through yoga, she could strengthen her body and calm her mind, she found herself increasingly drawn to her practice and became inspired to share this practice with others.  Through teaching, she hopes to empower students to find greater balance and self-awareness physically and mentally, both on and off the mat.

Tisha is a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher and RYT-200 yoga teacher through YogaWorks leading group classes, workshops and private sessions.  She has furthered her qualifications with Yin Yoga and Myofacial Release Therapy with Samdhana Yoga and Corporate Wellness with Self-Reboot®.  Additionally, Tisha teaches self-massage with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls which are often incorporated into her classes to provide a self-guided tissue massage that relieves pain, mobilizes and rejuvenates stiff joints, generates circulation and improves posture while bringing the body back into balance. Tisha loves learning and studying the human body.  She continually pursues her education in yoga, anatomy and biomechanics.

Melissa Spero

Melissa has been practicing yoga since she was 18. In 2011 she attended a Simon Park workshop and ever since she was completely hooked. She completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga teach training with Denise Kay and Delia Quigley in June 2015. Always full of positive energy and good vibes, she loves helping others and loves giving people the gift of yoga while making them smile and allowing them to enjoy the beautiful body they are in. Along with yoga she also practices circus arts and is a certified Acro Fit instructor. She is constantly unlocking the potential inside herself and it brings her great joy to see and assist others find pieces of that potential in them.

Bill Amos

Bill, a native of Northern New Jersey, has been practicing yoga since 2007. His early love of nature landed him a kayaking instructor position creating long hours in beautiful places but in cramped conditions. Wanting to enjoy all of his time on the water he took the advice of a friend to try yoga. After years of enjoying the physical benefits of yoga the practice started taking on a different meaning. Wanting to explore this further he enrolled in EverYoga Teacher Training at Highland Yoga in Butler, NJ where he completed his 200 RYT in 2015. His life experiences, influences as a nature photographer, and daily practice of yoga create a unique perspective that he enjoys sharing on and off the mat.

Natalie O’Neil

Natalie is an educator with over 15 years of teaching and coaching experience. She has taught all ages and various disciplines, and has instructed both large and small groups as well as offered individual private lessons. An avid athlete, Natalie initially began practicing yoga as an extension of her pre- existing exercise routine. Natalie has practiced many styles of Asana, including Anusara, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Iyengar, Kripalu, and more, but her most cherished is Aligned Flow. Practicing under Christy Linson, Natalie embraces an inclusive practice that encourages the use of props and modifications, paired with heat-building vinyasas and an attention to alignment in all postures to allow practitioners to safely flow into their deepest expression of a pose. Natalie also encourages practicing Pranayama, pairing the breath with the postures, as a way to fully connect and be present. Natalie is a RYT 200, certified with Yoga Alliance, and continues her studies taking workshops, Continuing Education courses, and training with Christy and other Instructors who offer inspiration, creativity, and a shared love for yoga. Natalie is excited to share what she has learned about yoga and to continue to grow her tribe!

Denise Kay

Denise has a BFA in Dance and movement studies from Centenary College. She was a professional dancer from 1983-1990 teaching dance for many years after. In 1987 she became a certified massage therapist continuing her interest in body mechanics. She began taking yoga classes off and on along with other movement modalities. In 1997 she decided to study yoga exclusively. In 1999 she received her 200 hour certification in yoga synthesis with Raji Thron. In 2000 she began studying with Delia Quigley and received her 500 hour certification and later with Delia studying the Dynamic method. She also became a certified in thai yoga massage to enhance the principles of body adjustments in yoga and help open individuals in her massage practice. Denise has been working in the northern N.J. area as a yoga instructor and body worker for many years and loves teaching people their individual potential. She recently began studying nutrition through food as a means of gaining an understanding of our bodies. She enjoys teaching people the connection between the mind and the body helping people find peace within.

Michelle Radley

Michelle, owner of her own decorative concrete business, has retained a passion for yoga since she was 16 years old. She took her 200 hour training at Yoga Impact with Nancy Candea and is currently enrolled in her advanced 313 hr training. Yoga has been a practice and a discipline that facilitates strength and guidance in her work and personal life. She is known for her insight and candor, and by example she shares this with everyone she encounters. She intends to, with leadership and mentoring, offer a view of the world with yoga that will enrich the lives of persons around her.

Nancy Moran-Mermelstein

Nancy discovered yoga in 1999, as a complimentary modality to her martial arts practice. Initially drawn to its physicality, yoga quickly revealed to be so much more –it was a powerful practice that taught you how to embody true self. In 2003 she received her first certification in Yoga Synthesis and has never stopped being a student. In 2007 she was first introduced to Shiva Rea and was blown away! Since then she has studied extensively with Shiva Rea and Simon Park learning the art of fluid movement and creative, intelligent flow. Along the way, she deepened her knowledge of alignment studying with many respected Anusara teachers. But through it all, Nancy just likes to practice and share her experiences with her students. She encourages her students to listen to their own inner voice. Her classes are light-hearted, yet challenging, peppered with a healthy dose of humor!

Tara Temple

Tara took her first 200 hour Teacher Training with YogaWorks at Highland Yoga in Butler in 2009. Since then she has taken additional trainings in Restorative,  Therapeutic Restorative, Therapeutic, Yoga 4 Cancer Survivors, Reiki, Qigong Medical Therapy, and Yoga Nidra.

She furthered her study by taking immersions in Pranayama and Meditation. Tara has studied with Jillian Pransky, Jennifer Reis, Ellen Pfeffer, Tari Prinster, Mark Whitwell, Johnathon Foust, Richard Faulds, Seane Corn, Sharon Salzberg, Kelly McGonigal, Dharma Mittra, and Shiva Rea. She has also taken trainings in Reiki, Reflexology, Medical Qigong Therapy, and Raindrop Therapy. She has recently been accepted into the Kula for Karma program.

Tara thinks of her practice “as a prayer of thanks and a way of deepening my connection with God and my true self. I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to share the wonderful gifts with others that I have received from my many teachers”.  Some of Tara’s other passions include wildlife rehabilitation, stained glass, gardening, cooking, being of service to others, and nature.

“By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist we create it.”  – Wayne Dyer